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In Praise of Bennett



The movie review by John J. Bennett about the Hoover/FBI assassination of Black Panther leader Fred Hampton I found to be exceptionally well written ("Tragedy of the Inside Man," Feb. 18). He gives us a little look into what our very recent COVID life weirdness has been as far as being unable to enjoy gatherings for music or movies. And it resonates with Black Lives Matter and reminds me of the late 1960s and the Bay Area student strikes and anti-war movement and the Panthers in Oakland and the Brown Berets.

Nostalgia for a time filled with some horrible things, yet still a time with hope for sanity and a brighter future that would never have included a creature like our recent failed "leader." I look forward to being able to see the movie (in a theater?), and thank you for writing it.

Robert Fornes, McKinleyville

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