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In the Middle of Somewhere



For millennia, a formidable rock outcrop has stood tall in the middle of somewhere out in the forests of Humboldt County. The lonely boulder has outlived the comings and goings of busy humans for countless generations.

How many names has this massive butte been given by ephemeral humanity in its lifetime? I suspect more than one and I confess I know of none. But what difference does it make, I wonder? The rock is the rock, whatever humanity calls it, and to it our lives flit by in the blink of an eye. Villages, settlements and towns may fall and rise, and still the rock abides. Cycles of old growth forests on the slopes of the outstretched hills around it come and go as meadow grasses in this rock's lifetime. No name will stand that test of time.

I will allow the rock now to speak for itself from these images.

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