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It Was Always April



Along the sidewalk
cherry trees in bloom in Brooklyn
morning the Atlantic Ocean easy with almost breeze
Or Cape Cod on the way to Fairhaven high, no socks in sneakers
football stadium dewy with newness and longing
And my birthday
The world revolved around Spring and me and April
Always April
Tulips (nothing better than tulips jumping out of the ground)
(ah ... the hyacinth...ooh ... the lilac ... um ... first kiss on first lips)
child April, teen-aged April,college magnolia petals on Comm Ave) April

A son born in March always it's Lonnie and March When is it March again
The world has become March the universe a birthday party and cake
Cancer cut out of my body in March my belly sucked dry in March the
wet earth still under my feet in March and March and March again March

March takes its place The rightful donor of Spring
the Equinox the earth resting in balance the sun and the rain and the wind
and the moon precariously leaning toward and away and toward and away
the earth like an egg my egg my precious egg in March the month of
the holy the coming back the beginning the Spring

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