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It's Actually Worse



In your article "Hunger in Humboldt" (July 20) it's mentioned that Food for People serves 16,000 people. The number of people who could use their help is probably at least triple that. Many people won't go to the food bank because of pride, convenience, hoping things will get better or just adding it to their credit card debt.

Credit card debt isn't even counted as a deduction when getting government assistance, which shuts out many millions of people. The majority of people in this country are low-income now. In 1970, two-thirds of Americans were middle class, now only one-third of Americans are middle class. In a low-income, high-rent area like ours, it only makes things worse.

All this is happening in the U.S., the richest country in the history of the world. The oligarchs want it all now.

The government, from city councils to the president, will gladly spend billions on the symptoms of the trauma of poverty in the U.S., but not on ending poverty itself. Why not just give people enough money to survive and end poverty and save a lot of money and suffering at the same time. Most wages, SSI and Social Security payments are way too low and will not keep a roof over your head, especially here. Doing what we are doing and treating homeless people like zombies has turned the U.S. into a third world country.

In regards to the Yurok Tribe, it would be great if they would sell one of their real estate investments and build and run a real, live discount grocery store off U.S. Highway 101. The tribe would save a lot of money on medical costs and the people could spend more money on good food and less on gas.

Many others would use the store also.

Elliott Linn, Eureka

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