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Jacoby's Ladder



Paul Mann's history of HSU (a special insert in the Aug. 22 Journal) includes some of the merchants who were in Arcata when Humboldt State Normal School opened in 1913. One of the businesses he mentions is "Augustus Jacoby's Fine Market Store." I find this a bit peculiar.

Augustus Jacoby left Arcata sometime in 1862 after his wife Elizabeth died in July of 1861. He lived for a number of years in San Francisco (while continuing to have some business dealings in Arcata for a brief time), eventually moving to New York where he died in September of 1893. To the best of my knowledge, Jacoby had no store in Arcata in in the early 1900s. If Paul knows something I do not, I would be most grateful to have him share it with me.

Nan Abrams, Eureka

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