Jellyfish Eyes (Mememe no kurage)

This film transforms the classic cinematic trope of the new kid on the block into a genre-defying adventure set in a post-Fukushima world. The film follows young Masashi who, after his father's death, moves with his mother to a small city in the Japanese countryside. But when he discovers that their new apartment is already inhabited by a pint-sized, gravity-defying creature, Masashi begins to pull back the curtain on this sleepy town and finds that very little is what it appears to be.

- Synopsis provided by CinemaSource



  • Takashi Murakami


  • Asuka Kurosawa
  • Takumi Saito
  • Shota Sometani
  • Kanji Tsuda
  • Masataka Kubota
  • Mayu Tsuruta
  • Takuto Sueoka
  • Himeka Asami


  • Takashi Murakami
  • Yoshihiro Nishimura
  • Jun Tsugita


  • Yoshihiro Nishimura
  • Mana Fukui
  • Chiaki Kasahara

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