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Keep it Clean



Amazingly, roughly three and a-half years have passed since we moved to Trinidad after years of visiting the area and falling in love with the beauty of the Trinidad Bay and coastal landscapes: the rough coastline, challenging trails, dynamic beaches and panoramic vista points inviting exploration.

Impressed with the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust's (TCLT) commitment to preserving coastal public access, we have joined its volunteer base on a couple of cleanup days of trust-managed vista points and beach trails along Scenic Drive ("Beach by Beach," Sept. 6).

We have been stunned and saddened to see the thoughtless littering of household garbage, trashy transient camp waste, drug trash ... you name it, along the coastline. Cleanups completed by TCLT volunteers along with organizations such as PAC-OUT are frequently held in the summer months and result in the collection of heaps of garbage during each cleanup along Trinidad's Scenic Drive. Unfortunately, we see similar dumping in other areas as well.

This dumping affects open spaces and private properties, as well as those who come to enjoy our coastal natural amenities, including families with young children. We all can make a difference by helping with cleanup and by reporting dumping to the county sheriff. Let's all work to preserve our unparalleled coastal landscape and keep it clean. (For information on Trinidad costal cleanup dates, visit www.TrinidadCoastalLandTrust.org).

Diana Carmen, Trinidad

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