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'Keep the Politics Out'



Politics are a hot topic. I like to shoot the stuff with my friends and give my uneducated opinion on what is wrong with the world as much as the next person. However, as Mr. Cortez summarized in his letter to the editor last week (Mailbox, Feb. 13), the Journal has gone off the deep end with the endless political preaching.

For example, I scan the Journal primarily to see who is playing at the Mad River Brewery that week so I can plan out how to best enjoy a nice cold one come the weekend. Now Collin Yeo (Setlist) has begun to insert his thoughts on impeachment, the evils of centrism and how cool Tlaib booing Hillary is and all this gets printed in the entertainment section! Zero elaboration on any of these ideas and the only thing I learn is that Collin is the rare combination of Arcatan, ultra-progressive and journalist (almost as rare as the combo of Ferndalian, conservative, dairy farmer).

Some ideas for the Journal: get Collin an op-ed section so he can expand on his political thoughts and provide some support for why centrists like myself are evil. Possibly even get an evil centrist or satanic conservative to provide a dissenting opinion on one of the myriad of subjective political topics that you choose to cover from one predictable political perspective.

At the very least, keep the politics out of the local entertainment section. With the upcoming presidential election, I need a safe place from political discourse and the Journal is already making me feel triggered.

Jeffrey Bird, Blue Lake

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