Kinetic Grand Championship 2016 Day 2 

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OF 23
Tempus Fugitives were first into Humboldt Bay.
Mark McKenna
The Fugitorium proves it buoyancy.
Bouncing for Glory bounces into the bay.
Bouncing for Glory floats for glory.
The Atomic Funguys bombed into Humboldt Bay.
The Atomic Funguys looking good on the water.
Catch Up flowed smoothly into the water.
The bay was filled with Kinetic fans in various modes of paddle.
Melvin masters yet another water entry as one of the most decorated sculptures in the history of the race.
Organ Trail was on life support after hitting the water.
The Queen's Cruise on the Madaket and their subjects in kayaks.
Mark McKenna
Planet Nine didn't use amy of their nine lives during the water entry.
Evidently it's not true what they say about cats and water, at least for Planet Nine.
Mark McKenna
Kinetic Pirates were abundant on the bay.
P'Awesome's crew played dead during the safety check before a smooth entry.
Team 420's Shark!!! sailed across the water looking for CHUMps.
Mark McKenna
Team Jeep's Golden Flipper might have clinched two awards today for having the biggest splash and flipping the sculpture.
Team Jeep's Golden Flipper lived up to its name.
Mark McKenna
Tea Time had time to sip a cup after their entry.
Tea Time in the drink.
Chicken and Waffles entered the water like butter.
Mark McKenna
Lava Rocks totally rocked the water entry.
Lava Rocks shoots a ball of fire into the air to the cheers of those watching from shore.
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The Atomic Funguys bombed into Humboldt Bay.

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