Kinetic Grand Championship 2016 

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OF 23
Mark McKenna
Lava Rocks blow their top on the plaza.
Bounce for Glory pilot Peter Wagner hands out swag to a fan on the plaza. He is one of the longest competitors in the race.
Ken Beidleman's Shark awaits its crew just prior to the noon kick off of the 2016 Kinetic Grand Championship.
Ketchup takes a lap around the plaza just after the start of the race.
Lava Rocks crew member Blake "rocks the horns" as the rounds the corner on the plaza.
Gentleman strong-man on wheels.
Team Jeep's Golden Flipper.
Note the "I Like Eureka" sticker on the rear car driven by these gear heads from Team Melvin.
Team Primal Scream.
Tea time on the Arcata Plaza.
A crew member of one of the most decorated teams in Kinetic history, Melvin, receives an attitude adjustment during the pageantry on the plaza.
Peter Wagner bounces for glory past the party house in Manila.
Dave Rempe hand delivers a letter to Sassy the Sasquatch on the plaza during the brake check.
The Planet Nine crew shows off their nine lives to the judges on the plaza.
The cat people from Planet Nine distracted by yarn.
Atomic Fungus' Pilot Brian Slayton steers through an amazing run on the Dead Man's Drop with the ACE still intact.
Shark attack on the track in Manila.
Kinetic Kooties make the ascent to Dead Man's Drop.
Biking Fools barrels down Dead Man's Drop.
Primal Scream gets started on Dead Man's Drop.
Peter Wagner bounces for glory past the party house in Manila.
Lava Rocks blow their top as they pass the party house in Manila.
Chicken and waffles makes their way through Manila.
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Gentleman strong-man on wheels.

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