Kneeland School Performance

When: Wed., Dec. 12, 6 p.m. 2018

A Grey Squirrel named Reality suddenly discovers that its stock of nuts, seeds, and acorns have depleted and new food is becoming scarce. On its searches for a fresh treasure trove of food, Reality meets a worldly Silver-Haired Bat from Trinidad named Sir Real. Sir Real cajoles Reality into a wild and wacky journey across the globe to discover the effects of the current warming trend of Earth as well as habitat loss and over-hunting on endangered species from the Arctic to Asia to Australia and Africa. Together they meet polar bears, narwhals, orangutans, sea turtles, Tasmanian devils, pangolins, bettongs, wombats and many more animals facing an ever changing environment. This comedic romp across the globe introduces cultural, geographical, scientific and historical tidbits for an entertaining hour of edification about our planet and all the beings that inhabit it.

Price: Free. please call Kneeland School at 442-5472 to reserve your seats.


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