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OK, call me sick and twisted, but the idea of fighting someone you don't know in front of spectators seems really strange ("Fighter Down," July 24). Paying $40 to watch two guys you don't know beat the stuffings out of each other seems, well, sick and twisted. Making money off this seems just plain evil.

There's also a cynical part of me that has visions of the ghosts of the victims of the Indian Island massacre feeling vindicated by a bunch of white people paying their descendants for the "pleasure" of watching a couple of white men or women beat the stuffings out of each other. While I wish Steve Watts luck in his recovery, I've heard that many of the combatants in these MMA events end up in the hospital after their bouts, and I have to wonder who pays for their treatment?

How does any of this behavior make any sense?

Walt Frazer, Eureka

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