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I was among the throng of well-wishers and free-foodies Saturday evening at the “world premiere” of the FilmHumboldt (aka, the Humboldt Film Commission) “Love Humboldt” film campaign (“Humboldt: The Brand,” Feb. 11).

The room was abuzz with anticipation, and I was hopeful, after all the hubbub created by the process with which Ms. Debets, Ms. Schwab, and Ms. Cruse pursued this project, that at end of the day it would have all been worth it.

I would like to let the public know that I do not begrudge the process by which our company, Stroop Effect Studios, was eliminated from consideration for the project, and that my comments are couched within the framework of Cruse’s stated purpose — to bring new business to Humboldt County.

To that end, I believe the small vignettes espousing the virtues and commercial viability of our grassfed beef brand, Cypress Grove Chevre and Humboldt County wines and breweries were certainly on the right track. Telling a compelling story within a short period of time is not easy, so I give hearty “well done” to the filmmakers.

The success of the other part of Ms. Cruse’s campaign will be according to the public’s embrace of her concept; which I, admittedly a male of the species, didn’t get. This multi-segmented “... to be continued” storyline, which enjoyed success in the 1980s for a certain national coffee brand, is not aimed at my specific demographic, so I’m not supposed to get it. Female consumers will drive this marketing bus, and I eagerly await the results and hope the best for all concerned as we help other small businesses succeed by all means possible.

Chuck Edwards, Eureka

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