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L'affaire Doran


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In your business credibility is everything, for without it, no one would believe anything you print. Considering the tenure of Bob Doran, and the obvious experience gained due to his tenure, I believe that I and other readers of the Journal are due an explanation from the offender himself. (See "To Our Readers, An Apology," Sept. 17.)

While the Journal has outlined the most obvious reasons for this transgression — a desire to conceal and mislead — it doesn't adequately explain why he did this. While I applaud the Journal's decision to publicly acknowledge this egregious violation of the reading public's trust, the reality is that until Doran addresses the issue himself, myself and others like me will always have that sliver of doubt, something that erodes both the efficacy of the author and, by extension, the paper he writes for.

Jeffrey Cash, Oakland


Just a brief note to say that Bob Doran is still my man. His dedication to the arts in Humboldt is legendary.

There is sometimes a very fine line between supporting a cause out of principles, and doing so out of love for one of the principals.

Rick Park, Arcata

*Ed. reply: *

Bob Doran has fully acknowledged and apologized for his error in judgment in failing to identify his wife in the story in question ("Tea in Fortuna," Sept. 3). As a result of this error, his work in the future will be confined to editing and writing for the Journal's arts and culture section.

For background, see the publisher's note in the Journal's Sept. 17 edition.


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