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As a regular consumer of your publication one of my greatest frustrations are those instances when an element of an article or a statement of one of the parties referenced raises significant issues that go unaddressed in the balance of the article.

Such was the case in your Jan. 19 article "Nurses, Stat". In exploring the closure of the HSU nursing program the article offers the opinion of then HSU Provost Bob Snyder and states that he said it would be "inappropriate" for HSU Administration to step in and guide the hiring process or help the department formulate a plan to save itself.

Excuse me, but in my world guiding processes and ensuring that programs succeed is exactly what administrators are paid to do. I have tried to envision a context in which this statement makes any sense, and the only way it passes muster is if you assume the goal of the administration from day one was to scuttle the program, which is what many in the community believed at the time. This assumption is furthered by the fact that the "bridge" program offered up by the HSU administrators in an effort to spin the public view never received any serious effort and is nonexistent.

I for one would be very interested in reading a more complete explanation of this seemingly mindless statement, and hope you provide a forum for Mr. Snyder to explain to the community why he didn't feel any obligation to work to preserve a program that was of such obviously vital importance to the community.

Glenn Ziemer, Eureka

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