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Letter to Sasquatch



You might not readily accept advice
from one of us, the little predators,
but I will offer it in case it helps:
Keep to cover; stay in the shadows;
do not allow your young to greet us
in their naiveté. Not only may you
see them shot, or bound in ignominy,
you'll also share then our infection with
an urge for constant and useless change,
our gift for raising the standard for belief
when a belief is inconvenient for us,
an appetite for gratuitous excitement,
and end, as we have, by worshiping
the powerful as models for ourselves.
No doubt you are already deceitful
in ways that we would think charming,
but there's no need to soil your life
beyond your few modest mistakes.
For my part, I will say I disbelieve
in your existence, perhaps persuading
a few more hunters to stay at home
watching nonsense on television.


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