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Libations to Hubris



Barkeep, pour me a stiff one, will ya?
a climate-changer on the rocks,
a big hunk of ancient ice, if ya' got it;
want to watch it melt.
Thanks for turning up the thermostat.
Can't wait to see the stirrer melt
into an oily, iridescent scum,
a fitting offering to the green-dollar flash.

I'll need a pandemic chaser, too,
in a brandy snifter, if you got one.
Don't worry, I'll keep my mask on,
just slide it down the bar with your
    broom handle.
I'm skilled at swirling the liquor just so
to catch a whiff of tomorrow's scapegoat,
better than any oracle I've found,
works the same the world around.

Mary Thibodeaux Lentz

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