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'Lied To'



First, understand that the Earth's atmosphere is 98 percent nitrogen and oxygen with nitrogen at four to one over oxygen. Yes, folks, every time you inhale you suck in a whole lot of nitrogen ("Hey Reporters! The Environment is Everything!" Oct. 3).

Now then, carbon dioxide (the so-called killer of the climate) is only 0.04 percent.

If you are one who in your crisis mode checks the Times-Standard's Mauna Loa carbon dioxide count, understand that they are talking about a very small change in a very small percentage of the atmosphere. To credit such a small fraction of the of the 0.04 percent to climate change is ludicrous.

Follow the money folks, many including the so-called climate scientists, who live and die by the "grant," are getting rich on this colossal ruse.

None of the climate computer crisis models include the Solar Max and Minimum cycle (Google it). The real climate scientist the "solar scientist," say we are on schedule for a solar minimum (the last being the Dalton minimum around the mid-1800s making the maximum in the mid-1900s) come the middle to later part of this century.

Climate change is a constant. You may want to Google the "Medieval Warm Period" and the subsequent "Little Ice Age," which ended between 1850 and 1930. Do the math folks — once again you will see that you are being lied to.

Charlie Giannini, Fortuna

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