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"Lollypop Journalism"

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Your lollypop journalism, especially in regard to our local nonprofits, is all fuzzy and warm but I kind of miss your old "facts and functionality" journalism.

The glass is half empty then one is a pessimist, the glass is half full then one is an optimist. But there is more to a story than half empty or full, there is a reflection on quality and consistency. Yes, the story about Betty Chinn ("Prove Them Wrong," Sept. 15) was heartwarming and no one questions her servitude but Betty Chinn the person has basically given way to the Betty Chinn Homeless Fund, functioning through the Humboldt Area Foundation.

Since 2012, the Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation has been run by a nonprofit Board of Directors of which Ms. Chinn is neither an officer nor a "key employee." As for the Rescue Mission ("Second Street Sanctuary," Nov. 3), there was no mention that, as a private religious entity, it is not considered by state or federal regulations to be a homeless shelter that can be counted toward providing the services of a "homeless shelter." Hence, good luck city of Eureka in your lawsuit trying to use the Rescue Mission as "beds went unused and empty."

Oh, in 2012, The Betty Chinn Fund/Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation provided 292,000 meals without a commercial kitchen or standing location of its own. Accordingly, the Rescue Mission going on the September meals rate is on track to provide 105,132 meals for 2016. In the interest of full disclosure, in 1999, my daughter and I appeared on the front page of the Times-Standard, in our room at the Rescue Mission.

Mark Yelton, Eureka


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