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Lower Class Food




The wonderful headline "Schoolpocalypse Averted" (Nov. 8) reminded me of a culinary armageddon I witnessed in my days as a College of the Redwoods employee. I noticed that the students who lived in the dorms were only given the option of eating at the school cafeteria. Most of them had all of their financial aid money tied up in their apartment and their CR dining (debit) card, and were forced to eat the tasty but unhealthy food the cafeteria served.

Obviously they needed access to a grocery store on campus. I spoke with Dr. Dana Maher, a professor of sociology and sexuality, about what she thought could be done. She mentioned that Humboldt State University had some students who fought for their right to better food. She said that from a sociological perspective, the food choices available at a school reflect the social class of the students who attend. She told me that I should contact the student government in my efforts to reform the current lack of services.

Some of the great ideas she had were installing one community kitchen for all the dorm residents, and using vegetables grown at the CR farm in the cafeteria. In conclusion, let's be more hospitable to those who come to CR for an education.

Curtis Schacherer, Eureka


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