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Trump's a Manchurian candidate, congressman? Yep, bet Putin is happy as hell about the billions that are heading to NATO ... who happen to surround him. What about those anti-tank weapons we supplied to Ukraine and adding more sanctions to Russia's barely alive economy? Trump asked Google's Leader of the Year Angela Merkel, "Why deal with an enemy when you could deal with us?" referencing her shady deal with Putin's oil/gas. Still somehow the pandering Huffman/McGuire believe that Putin is pulling Trump's chain with the same proof as two years ago ... absolutely nothing! ("In the Wake of Helsinki, NorCal Lawmakers Introduce Vetting Bills," July 26.)

'Russian collusion' conjured up by Hillary, the DNC, Obama's intelligence community and MSM have Mueller's biased team wasting millions of taxpayer money trying to frame a duly elected president so Obama's unprecedented corruption stays hidden. All of you tinfoil-hatted-Russia-collusion believers need to get a copy of The Russia Hoax by Greg Jarrett. Everything is explained with footnotes. Maybe Huffman/McGuire should introduce a Voter ID Bill to help ensure the integrity of elections. Something useful for a change. 

The Democratic party is split. The establishment is clinging to its ill-founded 'resistance' but is being pushed aside by the new Democrat Socialist faction of the party headed by DNC Chair Tom "Amnesty" Perez. This group includes the Antifa goon squads; no borders; no ICE; "free" healthcare and "free" education but hasn't a clue how to pay for it; want sanctuary cities/states; believe America and all white people are racist; hate America; hate police; hate the military; will not allow disagreement and beat you if you do; believe in violent mob rule advocated by their deranged activists.

Do these people realize these actions would mean the end of the United States? Are people aware they are daily being politically manipulated by  identity/diversity driven activists/media to this end? 

Rick Brennan, Eureka


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