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Marimba Bummer

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After the glowing article on the marimba festival ("Marimba!" June 27), we made a point of showing up when the doors opened for Ms. Zeltsman's concert at 7:15 on Friday. A milling crowd around the box office and a lot of grumbling greeted us — the venue was sold out; in fact it had been sold out before the doors opened. Meanwhile, folks with tickets (advance tickets were not available; where would people have bought them?) walked past us and inside. The mood was one of frustration and anger. Clearly some of the audience were more equal than others.

This is shameful behavior and reflects badly on the festival organization, and I suspect, on the entitled/proprietary attitude of Marimba One. It is a disservice to everyone involved. Given the size of the two venues, and the policy of private distribution of tickets, we are skipping the rest of the event.

Barbara Bennett, McKinleyville


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