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Maybe It's Just Because It's Spring



There's a day now and then
When the world is so glorious,
When your children are safe and happy,
When the roof has no leaks,
And the furnace is working the way it's supposed to,
The bills are paid,
The project is completed,
And you have new ideas for things you might do.
The noise doesn't bother you.
Your body feels good.
You know what you're going to have for dinner
And it's going to be delicious.
A stranger's child smiled at you and started to walk toward you
as if she knew you
and wanted to hear a story.
It nearly overwhelms you,
And you begin to wonder
If something is out of sorts,
Like you're having a manic episode
And you should be concerned.
And then you're able to tell yourself,
"No. Life really can be this good.
You deserve this."

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