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Measure K



No on K, the Sanctuary Initiative. Whose idea was it to hang a "Welcome" sign to every reprobate running from the law? Our county is already unsafe; this measure will make it even more so. Besides attracting crime, Measure K creates a safe haven for those who illegally cross/have already crossed our border; it helps drug cartels who really control what crosses our border illegally and handcuffs legal methods of eliminating bad guys in our county.

K is backed by the no borders, no ICE, no nation gang who don't understand "illegal."

FBI statements:

"The violent crime rate in sanctuary cities dramatically increased after sanctuary city policy was enacted, and even doubled in some cases ..." and "... similar results for property crime and rape. ... there is no study, scientific or anecdotal, to suggest illegal immigrants cooperate in fighting crime in these jurisdictions."

Vote no on Measure K. We are a nation of laws.

Rick Brennan, Eureka


Eric Kirk, working for Measure K to make Humboldt a sanctuary county, just received an anonymous letter:

"Anyone who supports illegal criminal 'immigrants' is a traitor. You are lower than a pedophile. ... And so true patriots are forced to defend America against the hordes of vile insurgents and agitators who support 'sanctuary measures.' You are a noted traitor to the United States. Build the wall. Deport them all."

Fascism organizes violence against vulnerable populations. Threatening political opponents is part of that strategy, as are the violent street battles we've seen in Portland, Berkeley and Charlottesville. The Trump administration encourages this movement.

Measure K is about more than keeping local law enforcement dollars away from federal ICE raids. It's about taking a stand against the rising wave of fascism in this country. Measure K's opponents have unmasked themselves in this letter. If you oppose fascist violence, vote Yes on Measure K.

Thomas Moll, Eureka

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