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Moldy Laundry



I am astounded by the vitriol in Janelle Anderson's letter ("Oh, Sit Down Already," Feb. 5) aimed at Linda Stansberry's column "Are You OK?" (Jan. 29). Stansberry has been writing from under the green cloud of silence that infects Humboldt culture, and it takes courage to do it.

Thirty-two years behind the skunky curtain gives me some cred when it comes to telling you that everything Linda talks about is real, and needs to be aired for the moldy laundry that it is.

I talked about these problems on my radio show, "Rant and Rave," and made several presentations to the sociology department at Humboldt State University about the need to study "Drug War Post Traumatic Stress" in Humboldt and other affected areas.

It's no joke, and needs a serious discussion. If not to prevent the abuse that happens in the counter-culture pot scene, at least to help the wounded heal in a light free from fear.

Anna Hamilton, Eureka

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