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Money Makes Music




There's no coincidence Humboldt's luthiers are thriving ("Making Wood Sing," Feb. 7). Music for generations has been indelibly integrated in Arcata School District's curriculum. Thanks to Arcata's voters and the passage of the District's revenue measures, music and art programs are here to stay and getting stronger. Without a child's appreciation and understanding of music and art, there would be no stories about luthiers in Humboldt County -- what an un-wonderful world that would be.

Because voters cared, our schools will be able to add teachers and aides to ensure that our class sizes stay small and get smaller. Our schools are able to keep at full strength their music, art and dance programs. Arcata School District fosters the appreciation of music with its award-winning music programs. We'll be able to upgrade our classrooms including the completion of our Sunny Brae Middle School science and library complex, which will be available for our music and art programs.

We're even starting a fully accredited top-notch preschool this fall at our elementary school campus that will provide children a seamless integration into kindergarten. Preschoolers will get an even earlier appreciation of music and art.

For parents looking for schools for their kindergarteners, check us out. Our schools have always been the premier schools in Humboldt County. Thanks to Arcata voters, we expect to excel even further with smaller classrooms, more aides and lots of music and art.

A well-run and well-funded public school is one that provides an equal opportunity to every child regardless of economic, social or cultural background. A good community is one that supports the enrichment of their public schools.

Feel proud, Arcata. Keep the luthiers coming.

Jeffrey Schwartz, Arcata

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