Moonstone Beach — Bonus! 2015

Ok, I get it. Moonstone's beautiful. Little River provides an ideal splash zone for kids and plenty of damp sand to mold into castles. There are steep bluffs, a rock for climbing, scenic sea stack formations and a cave on the north side. There's even a restaurant up the hill that we hear is perfect for a first date. Things can get crazy, what with all the dogs and kids running wild. So, all I ask is that we keep Moonstone wonderful. That means cleaning up after your dogs and keeping them off my little leash-bound puggle (that's a pug-beagle cross). And maybe you can keep an eye on those pint-sized hellraisers so they don't make off with my 3-year-old's sand toys. In short, Moonstone's awesome. So let's try to be our best selves so we can all enjoy this local treasure.

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