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More Hager, Please



Thank you for printing Bob Hager's tips for those living without a home ("A Homeless Survival Guide," Oct. 26).

I would find it valuable to hear more regularly from Mr. Hager, and not just about homelessness.

We hear often from politicians, activists, professional social workers and those who have chosen journalism as a career. We rarely get to hear, directly, the perspective of someone who is themselves without a home. 

I realize that no one person can speak for "the homeless" any more than one person can legitimately speak for "Americans," "women" or "the left." Still, hearing from one such person beats hearing from none.

Thanks also for the job you've done responding to the murder of Josiah Lawson, and in responding to the increasingly visible aspects of our country that I'll simply call Trump, knowing that anyone who hears that will know exactly to what I refer.

Mitch Trachtenberg, Trinidad

Editor's note: Bob Hager has already accepted the Journal's offer to become a regular columnist, with freedom to write about a range of subjects.

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