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Mountain, Molehill




I have waited to make a public comment about the proposed Richardson Grove highway improvement ("Roads and Redwoods," April 15 & 22). I just didn't need another battle. But I have to weigh in. This issue is taking up too much energy we could be using for other things.

I have lost two friends in that section of road. I also caretook Hartsook Inn in 1995-6, when the people who own the campground next door clearcut their entire grove of mature redwoods to make room for what is now a vacant field. No one said a peep.

I support trees, local determinism and homegrown businesses, but this issue makes a mountain out of a molehill. The only perspective that makes any sense comes from the local volunteer fire departments, who have to respond to the accidents on Highway 101.

The grove has become a symbol, and it is misplaced. If the folks opposing the 101 Grove improvement want to fight for dollars for VFDs to mitigate the impact of the widening I will be happy to join up. If they want to fight to keep "big boxes" out of competition with local businesses, I'm there. I just can't get fired up over the Richardson Grove issue, and I'm afraid it's costing us dollars and friends we need for other things. 

Anna Hamilton, Whitethorn

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