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No Apology Necessary




As the President of the Board of the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center I need to apologize to Ryan Burns ("Red Tail Stare-Down," Dec. 18). It was unfortunate that we were unable to help with the injured juvenile red tailed hawk he found at the Arcata Marsh. We try to check our hotline (822-8839) every day, every hour, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

We are, however, an all-volunteer organization, and we struggle to get by every year. We take in around 800 animals every year and answer over 1,000 phone queries every year. We have an education team, which provides local schools and organizations with demonstrations of our education animals, which includes Miranda, a red tailed hawk. We spend thousands of dollars every year caring for all these creatures. Our organization gets by on the generosity of our local community. We receive no federal or state money, yet Fish and Game, Fish and Wildlife, and local law enforcement agencies all refer people to us regularly. 

We are always in need of volunteers and financial support, and I would invite Mr. Burns to join our organization. In fact, we invite anyone to help us, as a volunteer or through donations. Donations can be arranged through our Web site, hotline or by contributing to our donation jars at many businesses throughout the county. We can be contacted at the above number or at humwild.org.

— John H. Kelsey, Board President,  Humboldt Wildlife Care Center

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