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No Nuclear Power

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The original published version of your article on sea level rise and the former nuclear plant on Humboldt Bay ("44 Feet," Sept. 15), in referring to PG&E's still-operating Diablo Canyon nuclear plant on the Central Coast, stated that "local electricity provider Redwood Coast Energy Authority issued requests to contract for replacement energy from the Diablo plant." The online edition of the article has since been corrected at RCEA's request to clarify that what we are in fact seeking to purchase is energy to replace Diablo Canyon's output when that plant eventually closes. (Editor's note: The Journal also ran a correction in last week's print edition.) RCEA's recent solicitation for this purpose sought energy from new projects, including renewable energy or renewable energy paired with energy storage, or other zero-emission resources.

As RCEA's director of power resources, I know our board of directors has not directed our agency to procure nuclear energy, and, in fact, in April of 2020, they explicitly declined to accept an allocation of nuclear energy when it was offered to RCEA and other regional energy providers by PG&E. RCEA continues to work toward our goals of a 100 percent clean and renewable energy portfolio by 2025, with 100 percent renewable energy from local sources by 2030.

Richard Engel, Arcata


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