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No Room at the Trough



Regarding Mr. Kinch and his letter ("Pensions Still Running High," Sept. 10) and specifically the comment that "a government job is much more secure than in the private sector" — sorry, but I and 38 others would beg to differ.

In December of 2012, 20 fellow coworkers of mine were forced into early retirement while another 19 of us (myself included) were laid off. Our employer was College of the Redwoods, and while this action was necessary thanks to a decrease in funding from the state, most of the blame is courtesy of the board of trustees who hired the previous president (who had no experience running a college) who promptly ran the school into the ground. Those in upper management who knew what he was doing and kept their mouths shut are just as guilty for having done nothing.

So, Mr. Kinch, before you go spouting off about government jobs being all so secure, ask those of us that once had one what we think about a government job now. Thanks to the idiots I mention here, 18 months later I'm still looking for work.

— T Kirschbaum, Fields Landing

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