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Nose-picking Menace



The article on the booger flicking leading to loss of control involving a motor vehicle sent me into a tail-spinning flashback ("Don't Pick and Drive," Oct. 16). It reminded me why I am so opposed to Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills' vendetta to label bicycle riders on sidewalks as law breakers. In this age of distracted drivers I am on high alert when I am out riding my bike on city streets. There are times when my intuition takes over telling me the sidewalk is a safer alternative in certain locations. And one thing I have learned is the importance of listening to that intuition. Let's face it, people are not paying attention these days when they drive, whether flicking boogers, talking on their phones or texting, their awareness is compromised. So, I'd like to say this to Chief Mills: When people stop looking at their laps (and flicking boogers) while driving, I'll stop riding occasionally on the sidewalks.

Mairead Dodd, Eureka

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