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'Not a Fan'



So, Judge Greenson, I am not an authentic Warriors fan ("Unpopular Opinions," June 15). Oh, I watch, I thrill, I despair, I cheer! But no, not "a fan." Despite watching through all those Biedrins years. And I do recall Chris Webber as a Warrior — but preferred him as a King. Loved those Kings! Still do. A Kings fan, then? Not. Nor a fan of da Bulls ... but I like 'em. Warriors and Kings games are simply more available here.

Fandom, fanaticism, yeah ... nah. Speedy Claxton? Righhhht, you got a bunch of stats to test me on as well? Because frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. Nor do I sport a player jersey (you could choose just one?).

The appreciation of a team well coached, of games well played, does not command unconditional loyalty. The reward of watching pro basketball played brilliantly need not require fanaticism. Enthusiasm, sure — but blind? Why?

Baseball, I've been watching for only a few years. Guess who? Giants! Why? Had to start somewhere! They happened to be winning then. They aren't now. Am I still watching? Yep. A fan, then? Nope. Not a spec of black/orange, anywhere. No bobble heads, no trips to AT&T, just that peaceful, easy feeling, even as their roster keeps changing.

Last year, I cheered the Giants. When they went down, I cheered the Dodgers. When they went down, I cheered the Cubs. Loved those Cubbies! But not whoever it was they beat ... because, see, I will admit to a loyalty, and an active UNcheering toward a few non-fave teams (Cleveland). So could be that I am a bit of a fan, if somewhat in reverse (Lakers). Which, of course, could change. Maybe. Someday.

Oh, and "join the conversation on Facebook?"

Hahaha. Nope. Not a fan.

Judith C Williamson, Arcata

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