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Not Even from Around Here



The McKinley statue has been in Arcata for many years. It was a gift given to the city of Arcata. He is one of the icons who shaped our country. Why is this statue being attacked about every couple of years, not by the citizens of Arcata, but by individuals and groups who came into our area?

If they do not like it, then they have the option to leave. This is our area, we moved here, were born here or stayed here for various reasons. I take an exception to the people who come into our area, for whatever reason, and try to change it to their satisfaction.

I detest political individuals or groups who try to make a name for themselves. I applaud Mr. Winkler for his stand.

I would suggest that if the statue is to be moved, that it not be accomplished until the other location is acceptable and the accepted maker be approved. Of course, the approval would be accomplished by "committee." The committee would have to be made up of a cross section of individuals and organizations. We all know an acceptable conclusion from a committee is not something that would be accomplished in a short amount of time.

The Arcata City Council is catering to a minority number. What ever happened to a majority? If a few people object, then a change has to be made regardless of what the majority may want.

My bottom line is if they think it offensive, then move.

Just a thought.

Dale Bridges, Eureka


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