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Not Me



I am insulted by the Journal editorial that includes me as part of the "community problem" of DUI and drug related accidents ("You and Me and the Keys," Sept. 22). I have never taken up smoking, drinking, drugs, etc. I don't go to places where this happens.

The media, including TV, radio, and written forms such as the Journal never stop supporting breweries, bars, parties at parks, marijuana legalization, etc. I am offended that you place the blame on those not involved. Any person who purposely drinks or takes drugs made that choice for his or her self. Other than the manufacturers, dealers and advertisers, the rest of the community has nothing to do with this. Anyone who chooses to be intoxicated or drugged out is responsible and the courts are far too lenient on the punishments for the crimes committed.

In the future, please leave me and the responsible public out of it.

Bruce Fillman, Humboldt Hill

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