The quote from me highlighted in your article on redistricting ("Drawing It Out," July 21) conveys the opposite of my intent. In conversation with Ms. Walters, I spoke at some length on three topics: 1) how lucky North Coast fishermen are to have a congressman, Mike Thompson, who pays so much attention to our concerns; 2) how much better it is to have our district aligned north-south, to reflect the community of coastal concerns (a point I traveled to Sacramento to make to the redistricting commission in public comment); and 3) that, regardless of what happens with our district, the state as a whole will be better off for the commission's efforts. Yet I was quoted as though I were so unhappy with our current district that any change would be an improvement. This "quote," as it appeared, is completely at odds with all of my comments to Ms. Walters - and you chose to highlight it. Whether the distortion is deliberate, or Ms. Walters failed so utterly to understand what I thought I said clearly, is irrelevant. Do not call me again for quotes. I will not speak again for attribution to any Journal reporter.

Dave Bitts, McKinleyville


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