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ode to surfer dave


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I didn't really know him
to be honest
his life story
what I knew of him
was from our acquaintance
out at the beach
our conversations

I always felt a deep kinship
now that he's gone
I can hear his voice in my head
it's calming

he left doing
what he had spent
so much time and energy
learning, knowledge
the ocean, its subtleties
and unrelenting wildness

I feel saddened and a little afraid
he was a kind soul
I don't have a cynical word to say
it's a great loss
to those of us who shared his company

I liked his dog, she was like my dog: a wolf
and his weird, translucent homemade board
his shiny red coup, stacked on the roof to the brim
his pink hoodie

he was older than me
by a few years
which is pretty damn impressive
he didn't give it up
I admire him

Matt Durham


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