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Offshore Wind Concerns

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The California Coastal Commission's decision to allow initial investigation into the feasibility of offshore wind generators ("Coastal Commission Moves Offshore Wind Forward," April 14) will, once again, challenge our pristine coastline. The determination allows energy companies and foreign investors to establish multiple offshore wind generators, spanning 132,000 acres of our coastline.

We all understand the need for cleaner electricity sources, and these wind generators seem to provide one answer. However, there are serious risks. As we are positioned on the Pacific Flyway, millions of migrating pelagic birds will make their way past these massive wind generators. The potential for numerous deaths and migration displacement, as we have seen with land wind generators, is a high risk factor. In addition, ocean mammals, including whales and dolphins, and other ocean animals, continuously use these waters, presenting an unknown safety risk. Coincidentally, the current Audubon magazine (Spring, 2022, Volume 124, No. 1) features an article addressing these critical issues.

A major concern is these wind generators will degrade our pristine and valued coastline, as well. Even 21 miles off shore, these numerous 900-feet-tall generators will always be visible from our shoreline. As Humboldt County Supervisor and Coastal Commissioner Mike Wilson states, "These structures will be seen from virtually everywhere." We will never again be able to appreciate our magnificent ocean view without seeing these generators.

I understand the need for clean energy sources, and support the need to develop other energy sources. But I don't want to stand at Centerville Beach, Trinidad or Sue-Meg park and ask why we allowed such turbines in our once pristine oceans.

Richard Kandus, McKinleyville


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