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Oh My … Oh Mad


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Honey, bring me my fan. I am feeling a bit flushed ... reading about our local burlesque ("Burlesque," Jan. 26). ... Oh my ... oh my. ...  Great writing, by the way ... a fun read.

Nan Abrams, Eureka


The Ooh La La Girls (www.theoohlalagirls.com) were -- starting in the summer of 2008 and performing regularly and in every year since -- the first burlesque troupe in Humboldt County. Shame on everyone who felt the need to try to rewrite history in order to promote themselves in this story. Interestingly enough, Blue Angel Burlesque co-founder Kendra Cross appeared as an Ooh La La Girl prior to forming BLB. "Va Va Voom Burlesque" was the title of an Ooh La La Girls' show prior to being appropriated by Alyssa Carrola, who is also well-aware of the Ooh La La Girls, but apparently felt it unnecessary to mention them in the interview for this advertisement. I mean article. And shame on the North Coast Journal, whose writer Ryan Burns requested -- and was granted -- a lengthy interview with the Ooh La La Girls in December of 2009. Press releases mentioning Ooh La La Girls shows have been regularly sent to the editors of the North Coast Journal. But, somehow, with all this knowledge floating around, and all of the shows the Ooh La La Girls have done and continue to do, this writer failed to acknowledge the trailblazing that they did, allowing the current wide variety of burlesque and neo-burlesque groups to follow in Humboldt County.

Edward Olson, McKinleyville



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