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Oh, Sit Down Already



Is Rape the Third Rail? Is Linda Stansberry going to stop writing stupid articles so I can stop writing letters to the editor? Nobody likes perverts, Linda. Crazy people who threaten women that talk about rape are a merely a vocal minority. But your presumption that feminism can control male behavior is ANNOYING! And also completely against common sense. Men of honor who are willing to resort to violence in defense of their womenfolk is the only solution to rape.

You can get miffed about women "belonging" to men, but the truth is that in family groups men and women belong to each other and owe one another loyalty. Men belong to us just as much as we belong to them, and they know it. Maybe the problem is that we don't live in family groups anymore because civilized society destroyed our tribal bonds, and now we don't have a loving family clan to protect us. All primates existed in these family clans until about 3,000 years ago, when humans decided to separate from nature and become "civilized." Now we live among strangers and our bonds are weak.

Feminism is a very poor substitute for the true loyalty of family because it's a product of civilized thinking. To quote an earlier Linda Stansberry article, it's like fixing broken with broken.

Janelle Andersen, Eureka

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