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Oh, That Arcata




Regarding "Whose Arcata," (Aug. 25): When I first moved up here I loved the strong sense of community, but now I don't even leave my house at night. I get harassed every time I do my five-minute walk to the plaza, and I truly believe this town's image is going downhill.  Vagrants and pot heads run this town, while the everyday people (who don't want any part of it) are still trying to hold on to the fading identity of Arcata.

 Sabrina Donita, Arcata



Well written on "Whose Arcata?". Of course some folks are taking you to task for not including every facet of Arcata life (hello, 500 page edition) and others are pissed that you wouldn't just put on the ol' rose-colored glasses and ignore the "pot" and "who are we, how did we get here, and where are we going?" questions.

One of the great things about the NCJ is that it isn't just "what happened, what is happening, or what will be happening." You folks explore "who are we, how did we get here, and where are we going?" and to me, that is worth reading.

Stay hot!

Rodney Cabrera Brunlinger, Eureka



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