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On A Lighter Note


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Joel Mielke's cartoons are always fun, not to mention witty, sharply focused and to-the-point. Perhaps more than anything in print anywhere else in Humboldt County, his weekly cartoons capture and/or skewer the essence of what it means to live here.
But this week's six-panel "Eureka Traffic Signs: What they really mean" (April 15) is possibly the best and most brilliant summing up he's done so far. Not to mention accurate, as any local driver or pedestrian will attest.
As I scanned from left to right, my knowing chuckle changed to chortles and finally to an outright belly laugh as I read the legend, "Just Sayin'" under the Speed Bump Ahead sign, which works under all the other signs too. Right on, Joel!
Jim Scott, Eureka


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