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On Hate Speech

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One would hope that the NCJ would be as proactive against anti-Semitic hate precipitated by the Middle East conflict as they were during the anti-Asian rhetoric and assaults in Georgia. You printed one of my letters, and one of your own staff members weighed in with an article in support of Asian Americans ("The Awful Familiarity of Anti-Asian Violence," March 25). I heard Palestinian supporters in this country chanting "Rape their daughters" and "Hitler was right." If that isn't hate speech, what is? American Jews are not a cool minority, especially in some progressive circles, due to the Middle-East conflict. Sort of like some nitwits blame Asian Americans for COVID. You would think the learned professor at Humboldt State University, prominent in the pro-Palestinian demonstrations, and their "progressive" supporters at the Eureka Courthouse demonstration would stand in solidarity and remind folks they have no quarrel and condemn violence against American Jews. Crickets is all I hear. But I guess Anti-Semitic hate speech and assaults are not as grievous as those against Black folks and Asian Americans in some quarters.

John Dillon, Eureka


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