Margy Emerson expressed her worry, and that of many progressives, that voting for Jill Stein would help Romney/Ryan get elected. In a swing state, that would be a legitimate concern. But we do not live in a swing state.

California polls show Obama holding a steady 15 percent lead over Romney. Even if Jill Stein garners 5 percent of the vote, Obama will carry the entire electoral college votes for the state. Noam Chomsky did say that, in a swing state, he would vote for Obama. He also said that since he lives in the state of Massachusetts, he will most likely vote for Jill. Like Massachusetts, California is a safe state.

Romney may appear more dangerous than Obama, but, like Bush, his policies would undoubtedly encounter fierce resistance from the people. Obama, on the other hand, has been allowed free rein to spy on American citizens and to sign indefinite detention without trial into law. He has killed hundreds of civilians with drone strikes and maintains a secret kill list. He has allowed mountaintop removal, hydrofracking and offshore drilling in the Arctic, and fully intends to complete the XL pipeline. He recently revealed his plan to lower taxes on corporations and cut social services. Obama may be the "lesser of two evils," but he is also clearly the most effective.

Frederick Douglas said, "Power concedes nothing without a demand." But a demand is nothing without teeth. Every vote for Jill Stein puts teeth in your demand. It is a declaration of independence from corporate rule and a rejection of the austerity measures proposed by both Obama and Romney. Every vote for Jill is a demand for a Green New Deal, for 25 million living wage jobs, for clean energy, for prosperity.
There is power in your vote. Use it.

Dana Silvernale, Blue Lake

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