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Organic Corruption




As a certified organic producer, we at the Tofu Shop follow developments in the world of organics closely. Following up on Bob Doran's cover story "What's Organic?" (June 21), I want to share information recently released by the Cornucopia Institute, a nonprofit organics watchdog, about abuses in the national organics system.

In its June 12 newsletter, Cornucopia  (www.cornucopia.org ) released a white paper titled "The Organic Watergate." Its research into approval of questionable synthetic additives for inclusion in organic products has led Cornucopia to take up the cause of inappropriate representation by corporate agribusiness on the National Organics Standard Board.

Cornucopia says, "An unholy alliance between corporate agribusiness and the USDA has corrupted the regulatory system, which Congress created to protect organic consumers and ethical farmers and business people."

Cornucopia is asking those concerned to sign a proxy letter to the USDA and President Obama calling for an end to abuses in the organics system.

Beth Shipley, Arcata


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