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Your article outlining Jared Huffman's case for the impeachment of Donald Trump shows that Congressman Huffman is a smart lawyer and has spent a great deal of time and effort working on impeachment ("The Case for Impeachment," June 13). Unfortunately, this effort does not benefit his constituents in the northern half of his congressional district.

Those of us who live here realize that we do not have the financial or population base to obtain governmental help from either Sacramento or Washington, D.C. We have many problems that could use Jared's expertise and dedication as our representative in Congress.

This county is the unhealthiest county in California. We have early deaths, a huge drug problem, significant mental health disease and a large homeless population.

The Potter Valley project solution group organized by Congressman Huffman appears to favor continued diversion of the Eel River water south to the rich and populated portion of Congressman Huffman's district, resulting in continued decline of the Eel River.

The Klamath dam removal project appears to be in jeopardy because of the Hoopa Valley Tribe decision in federal appeals court. This decision impacts state environmental review of many federal projects and should be the subject of new federal legislation.

The marijuana industry here appears to be in rapid decline and possibly could benefit from carefully crafted federal legislation.

If Congressman Huffman were to use his obvious talent and effort to solve these problems, his constituents and this area would reap greater benefits than impeaching the president. Even in the unlikely event that the president is impeached and removed from office, our problems will still be there and still in need of an influential voice in Congress.

Denver Nelson, Eureka

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