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Our Superior President



I believe after one year in office that Donald Trump has earned the title of "Superior President" (Mailbox, Jan. 18).

The first indication came right after his inauguration. Despite photos clearly showing the contrary, Trump declared he "had the biggest audience in the history of inaugural speeches," a declaration that was strongly supported by his representatives when challenged by the press. Then, over the summer, it was rumored that Secretary of State Tillerson had called him a "moron," so Trump challenged him to compare IQ test scores, adding "I can tell you who is going to win." 

Similarly, when North Korean leader Kim Jung Un stated he had a nuclear button at the ready, Trump quickly responded that he, too, has a button, "but it is a much bigger and more powerful one." When Trump was recently accused of racism for allegedly making disparaging remarks about immigrants from some poor predominantly non-white countries, he defined himself as being the "least racist person," a phrase he has used many times before when such accusations have been made.

And finally, we find Trump gloating about his perfect score on a mental cognition test. He implied his score shows he's smart even though the test is limited to measuring basic mental skills in order to detect mild cognitive impairment that could indicate the onset of dementia for instance. Given all these examples of his evident "superiority" (and I'm sure there are many others), I think that along with his title "Superior President," Trump deserves a theme song as well, so I nominate from the musical Annie Get Your Gun Irving Berlin's duet "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)." Of course, if he were to adopt it, he would need to find someone who would dare to sing the second part with him. Yes, he can, no he can't!

Sherman Schapiro, Blue Lake

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