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'Passive and Cynical'



Remember Mr. Winkler's 2015 admonition to an inspired group of high-school students planning to fly to the Paris Climate Conference? Instead of praising them for their eagerness to learn, and concern for the future of their generation and the rest of the planet, he scolded them for the carbon expenditure of the flight!

Well, the project he's pushing now ("Why I Support Terra-Gen's Wind Project," June 27) has a huge carbon footprint and it doesn't decrease carbon emissions one iota, according to the draft environmental impact report itself. It just makes electricity. Nothing about it says anything about cutting carbon emissions. Furthermore, the forest destruction envisioned therein impacts the greatest carbon sequestration entity on earth: according to the National Academy of Sciences, preservation of forests can achieve 37 percent of the world climate target of less than 2 degrees C temperature increase.

Forests last way longer than the 30-year lifetime of wind-generators. As well as offering enhancement of climate change resilience, forest have additional benefits of water filtration, flood buffering, improving soil health, biodiversity and wildlife habitat.

Mr. Winkler and Terra-Gen spokesperson Natalynne DeLapp have no expectation that Humboldt County can reduce its greenhouse gas emissions independently. They must hire an outside entrepreneur who will invest the profits from this Humboldt adventure in its fossil fuels portfolio.

This is passive and cynical, and a lamentable fixation on reaching Redwood Coast Energy Authority's own Comprehensive Action Plan for Energy goals.

It's tunnel vision.

Ellen Taylor, Petrolia

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