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Peoplemover to SF!




I agree with east-west railroad proponent Bill Barnum ("Choo-Choo Fantasies," May 24). To heck with the naysayers; we men of action should dream big.
Personally, I'm into those moving sidewalks like they have at airports.
So it would be really nice if Dave Tyson would rent a car and drive down to Ukiah, Santa Rosa, San Rafael and SF to try to rally those places behind the idea of building my favored form of transportation from Eureka down to the Bay Area.

William Verick, Westhaven



Wow. Good job North Coast Journal in exposing your true motives within our community.

You are granted an interview with one of the most kind, intelligent and thoughtful men with first hand historic knowledge of a time wherein those who had ideas also had the strength, commitment and freedom to see them through. And what do your genius reporters do with the opportunity? Slam your subject for knowing way more about people, ideas, truth and happiness than you can only dream about. Your article and your editorial ("We're not Stenographers," May 24) goes to great lengths to explain why the readers should not see your paper as biased, and then go on and on to discuss what you say it means to be a reporter; that it really takes skill to use what you call discernment. It appears that you really do believe your one-sided take on the local rail history, its future, as well as the future of our community through the eyes of intellect.

In actuality all you did was to represent Mr. Barnum as different and then proceeded to judge him. Does this make your reporter a good reporter? Does this make your paper one that is worthy of respect? Does this make your paper one that our community can count on for truth? Does this make your paper one that our community can rely upon for good investigative reporting of both sides of an issue? 

Railroad is the least environmentally harmful method of transporting goods and people. It's clear that you do not like the railroad, and we are thankful the decision is not yours to make. Time will tell.

Julie W. Bonino, Eureka


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